The Long Road to Repair: A U.S. National Post-doc for Science Education and Advocacy

This week PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases published a lead editorial by A. Desiree LeBeaud and Hannah McKeating lamenting America’s international scientific standing and calling for a major change in current funding policies and public perspectives. In a similar vein, my Baker Institute colleague Neal Lane (former NSF Director and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Clinton White House) and I have highlighted a decade of flat-line science funding and cited data indicating an imminent loss in American global science supremacy. Based on surveys conducted by ResearchAmerica! that most Americans cannot name a living scientist we linked downturns in US science partly to massive gaps in advocacy. We called on universities to produce a cadre of scientist-advocates or civic-scientists who can galvanize the United States population and Congress in order to expand public spending on scientific research in America.

Read the rest here

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