Mycetoma: The PLOS NTDs Collection

Another one with Dr. Aksoy:

Mycetoma: The PLOS NTDs Collection


Will Zika become the 2016 NTD of the Year?

A PLOS Speaking of Medicine editorial by Dr. Serap Aksoy and me:

Will Zika become the 2016 NTD of the Year?


The Onchocerciasis Vaccine for Africa—TOVA—Initiative

Hotez et al.

An onchocerciasis vaccine for Africa would build on past investments in OCP and APOC and support future investments planned under PENDA to help achieve elimination of onchocerciasis. TOVA has begun to explore innovative financing mechanisms from major foundations, governments in North America, Europe, and elsewhere, as well as some of the major development banks committed to poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa. We strongly encourage the global public health community to embrace the prospect of an onchocerciasis vaccine and to incorporate plans for a vaccine’s development into future public policy and strategic plan considerations.

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