The potential economic burden of Zika in the continental United States

As the Zika virus epidemic continues to spread internationally, countries such as the United States must determine how much to invest in prevention, control, and response. Fundamental to these decisions is quantifying the potential economic burden of Zika under different scenarios.



Safety and immunogenicity of the Na-GST-1 hookworm vaccine in Brazilian and American adults

Vaccination of both hookworm-naïve and hookworm-exposed adults with recombinant Na-GST-1 was safe, well tolerated, and resulted in significant antigen-specific IgG responses. Based on these results, this vaccine will be advanced into clinical trials in children and eventual efficacy studies. Read it here:


The first “London Declaration”: The Commonwealth and its neglected tropical diseases

The framework of cooperation of the Commonwealth of Nations provides a useful mechanism for global efforts to control or eliminate neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), including the 18 NTDs currently identified by the World Health Organization.